Multi-Purpose Burp Cloth | Two Layer | 4-pack

12” x 17”
Signature Features:
Organic Cotton Muslin | Therapeutic Herbal Dyes | Breathable | Hypoallergenic | Machine Washable | Softer With Each Wash
Herbs In The Dye:
Haritaki, Madder, Pomegranate, Turmeric, Rock Salt, Fire Flame, Indigo
Multi-Purpose Burp Cloth | Two Layer | 4-pack

“Use these cloths to play a game of peekaboo, babies love it!”


Our double layer organic burp cloths can be used to burp baby, keep clothes clean, wipe dribble, pat dry, wipe messes and the list goes on and on. Throw a bunch of these super soft, absorbent and durable burp cloths in your diaper bag and you are ready to go. Every time you use these burp cloths to clean your baby, the therapeutic properties of haritaki, madder, pomegranate, turmeric, indigo and rock salt will enrich your baby’s porous skin.


Our products are not only super soft, they also have wellness properties for your little darlings. Who can say no to that?


Let's get one step closer to an eco-friendly and sustainable living with Panchhi. Love your baby, love thy nature.

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