Happy customer, Happy us!



"Panchhi products definitely stand out. It's good to know that it not only benefits my baby, it is also good for the environment."
- Mommy Amrita


"Panchhi is organic, natural and very comfy. My baby loves it."
- Mommy Elena


"Brayden cuddling with his favorite Panchhi snuggle blanket and getting ready for bed time."
Mommy Patricia


"Quality is great, super soft, lightweight, and generously sized. My son loves the print on the blanket and will not use any other blanket."
Mommy Deepthi


"Very good quality products. I always try to use chemical-free products for my children; Panchhi was a great find. My baby girl loves her bath towel and so do I. It is very absorbent and feels comfortable on the skin too. Looking forward to more natural baby products from Panchhi."
- Mommy Amulya


"My daughter covers us with the blanket at story time and has it at the foot of her bed every night."
- Mommy Brianne


"Panchhi has some amazing products for the little ones. Among the zillion products out there, they stand out in terms of their quality..the organic cotton, natural printing, the soft and comfortable feel makes them an ideal gift for newborns. I just love the natural & earthy feel and hope they'll soon expand their range to cater grown ups too. Wonderful & bold initiative by Vidhi towards sustainable wear, that's good for the kids and for the earth too."
Aunt Suruchi 


"I absolutely LOVE this product!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to these line of products. My baby has eczema since birth and I am super sensitive of what touches her skin. The towel that I use by Panchhi is not only so soft but also long and wide enough for me to wrap my wriggly worm. It also reminds me so much of India and it's purity of herbs ♡ I high recommend this line of product to all mammas out there."
Mommy Ruchita 


"Absolutely love the panchhi sleep sack. The single layer sleep sack is a nice light weight material, great for summer. My daughter wasnt sleeping well at night and would wake often. When I started using the panchhi sleepsack, she actually slept better. It was amazing. I definitely recommend this product especially if you have a newborn that isn't sleeping well. Worked really well for my daughter."
Daddy Eddie


"My niece has a new favorite. Her Back to Nature 'blankie' by Panchhi is so soft and perfect for hot Indian weather. Absolutely loved the feel of the fabric. It's so natural and nostalgic at the same time. Wish I could keep it for myself!"
Aunt Meet 


Quotes from friends of mine who have used Panchhi:

“I could tell a marketed difference in my daughter’s sleep when she started using the Panchhi sleep sack – she would fidget less and wake up happier.”

“My son loves the big cozy Panchhi towel, he uses it as a cape and refuses to take it off hours after his bath. And, unlike many other towels we’ve tried, this one doesn’t leave a residue on his skin.”

“I’m super picky about the washcloths I use on my newborn, usually finding them to be too rough or too “syntheticy.” The Panchhi wash cloths are soft and effective and don’t make me feel like I’m rubbing chemicals into my baby’s skin every time I wash her off.”

- Mommy Bailey, author of Feng Shui Mommy, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Birthing Doula, HypnoMothering Practitioner & HypnoBirthing® 


"Panchhi!!! We love your products (towel and scarf). I feel my daughter also feels the same. Hope Panchhi does clothing for adults too. I highly recommend Panchhi."

- Happy mommy Savi Hola