Herbs We Use.

Posted by Vidhi Bhargava on 2019 Apr 1st

At Panchhi, we strongly believe that a baby's skin is porous and gentle. What better way to nurture their skin other than using natural herbs that are known for their wellness properties. … read more

The magical herbs of Ayurveda.

Posted by Vidhi Bhargava on 2017 May 16th

We at Panchhi believe in creating products that are as pure as our love for our little ones. The prints on our products are made from herbal dyes. The process of herbal dyeing requires … read more

Awesomeness of our 100% organic cotton muslin.

Posted by Vidhi Bhargava on 2017 May 16th

All our products are made of organic muslin, a finely woven and light weight fabric that has endless benefits. Babies love the softness and feel of this fabric on their gentle skin and parents love it … read more