Car Seat Canopy | One Layer | Elephant Parade

Signature Features:
Organic Cotton Muslin | Therapeutic Herbal Dyes | Breathable | Hypoallergenic | Machine Washable | Softer With Each Wash
Herbs In The Dye:
Haritaki, Rock Salt
Car Seat Canopy | One Layer | Elephant Parade

“Keep one next to your car seat. Very handy during those much needed walks. Just snap it on and go!”


This fitted canopy with front and side opening is a comfortable choice that securely wraps around all car seats. The front zipper can be fully undone and snapped around the back leaving the canopy secure, and the side peekaboo-windows allow parents to check on their baby and provide extra ventilation when required.

The loosely woven, breathable canopy protects your baby from direct sun light and the herbal dyes provide the natural therapeutic properties of Ayurveda enriching your baby’s skin. The temperature controlling property guards from overheating and keeps your baby comfy and safe.


The elephants are made from haritaki and the white base comes from rock salt. The therapeutic properties of these herbs are believed to:

  • Heal skin sensitivities such as sunburn, rashes and eczema
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Have anti-bacterial properties


Let's get one step closer to an eco-friendly and sustainable living with Panchhi. Love your baby, love thy nature.

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