Sleep Bandi | One Layer | Pinwheel

Signature Features:
Organic Cotton Muslin | Therapeutic Herbal Dyes | Breathable | Hypoallergenic | Machine Washable | Softer With Each Wash
Herbs In The Dye:
Indigo, Rock Salt
Sleep Bandi | One Layer | Pinwheel

"Change diapers at night like a ninja with the bottom-to-top zipper feature.”


Sleeping in our 100% organic, breathable single layer sleep bandi feels like sleeping on a cloud. This is a must buy for the little ones who love to kick and toss around. As your baby dozes off, the therapeutic properties of herbs will enrich your baby’s porous skin and the organic cotton muslin will keep their temperature regulated. Our durable sleep bandi gets softer with each wash.


The blue pinwheels are made from indigo and the white base comes from rock salt. The therapeutic properties of these herbs are believed to:

  • Protect your baby from overheating
  • Protect from harmful UV rays
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Act as a natural insect repellent 


Let's get one step closer to an eco-friendly and sustainable living with Panchhi. Love your baby, love thy nature.

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    Absolutely love the panchhi sleep sack.

    Posted by Edward Khoury on 2018 Jun 28th

    Absolutely love the panchhi sleep sack. The single layer sleep sack is a nice light weight material, great for summer. My daughter wasnt sleeping well at night and would wake often. When I started using the panchhi sleepsack, she actually slept better. It was amazing. I definitely recommend this product especially if you have a newborn that isn't sleeping well. Worked really well for my daughter.