Portable Changing Mat | Two Layer | Lotus Lullaby | 2+1 pack

18" x 24"
Signature Features:
Organic Cotton Muslin | Therapeutic Herbal Dyes | Breathable | Hypoallergenic | Machine Washable | Softer With Each Wash
Herbs In The Dye:
Haritaki, Madder, Pomegranate, Turmeric, Rock Salt, Fire Flame
Portable Changing Mat | Two Layer | Lotus Lullaby | 2+1 pack

“Mission diaper-change becomes easier with these handy mats. Roll them up and toss them in your diaper bag.”


A must have for parents on-the-go. Use our soft and cushy portable changing mats for diaper changes on any bed, restaurant changing tables, cars, grandma’s house and even outdoors. Babies love the feel of our double-layer soft and cushy mats on their gentle skin. Every time you use these mats, the therapeutic properties of herbs will enrich your baby’s porous skin. The 2 + 1 pack which comes with a waterproof sheet* to prevent any leakages makes it easier for parents; just toss the dirty mat for washing and attach the second one to the waterproof sheet. Each wash will make the mat softer.


The red lotuses are made from turmeric, haritaki, pomegranate, madder, fire flame and the white base comes from rock salt. The therapeutic properties of these herbs are believed to:

  • Heal skin sensitivities and irritations
  • Heal pain and wounds faster
  • Boost immunity
  • Soothe teething pain
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Used in cough, cold and fever medicines
  • Have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties


Let's get one step closer to an eco-friendly and sustainable living with Panchhi. Love your baby, love thy nature.



*The waterproof sheet design may vary.

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